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Convent of Rani Jhansi


The school presented its annual event Splendour which highlighted team spirit.

The purpose of life is not to be happy

It is to be useful,

To be honourable,

To be compassionate,

To have it make some difference

That you have lived and lived well.

The show began with the inaugural dance by the children of Classes I and II which showcased team spirit. It was an energetic and enthusiastic dance presented by them , showcasing chess players in unison. The dance was thoroughly appreciated by all. Next we had children performing Mystic Mantras in gratitude of the teachers who had great influence in their lives. They never claim to be the reason behind our success, but take full responsibilities of our failures. They hold a candle and light the way for us to be better people further on in the future.

We then moved to the next item an inspiring speech by Sia Hasija and Lakshit Chadha . They spoke about their gratitude towards their teachers and the school which groomed them and helped them grow and learn. It was truly an inspiring speech and was applauded and appreciated by all.

Melody Bells

Our students are no doubt studious but talented too. A few of our little dancers danced their way into everyone's heart with a prayer filled with gratitude to the Lord and a joyous number on spring. They encouraged and enlightened us to enjoy the spring season. Not only that, the value of the virtue of love as well as gratitude was elegantly displayed and portrayed by our young ones.

Yog Mudras

Yoga...Passed down to us by the great learned ancestors of our society. Yoga is originally a Sanskrit word and has two meanings ,union and discipline. Both of which were masterfully displayed by the young buds in the school. They showed us what they learnt throughout the session and captivated us by their enduring talent and strength.

The Disney Kaleidoscope

A mix and match of selected characters from our beautiful stories on one stage - sounds like a dream come true. Well what if I told you that our students made that happen. Various characters like Little Red Riding Hood, the three little pigs, Snow White, the Big Bad Wolf and a few others graced our stage and taught us the value of living in peace and harmony.

Our Country Our Pride

Our Country needs open minded and opineated citizens. Our Veer Abhimanyu and Eklavya fluently and simply told us what our country meant to them and what they wanted it to become later on in the future. Their dedication towards our country they haven't even lived in for that long is encouraging to see in most children of their age.

Fantabulous World of Cartoons

Remember your childhood ?I remember mine...I would sit in front of my television and for a few hours I'd be watching the cartoons. I remember singing and dancing along to the catchy tunes whenever they are played. I would forget everything , I had on my mind. All the worries , all the stress, every last ounce of it. It is important to understand that a child sees the world a lot more differently than adults. Regardless our tiny tots presented and revived all our memories with the fantabulous world of cartoons.

The Gallant Legionary Play

The staff at CRJ , love integrating our very name sake in our curriculum to teach children about the history of our marvellous country. Our children are learning about our freedom fighters too! That is one of the things we love about them , their interest and curiosity. So to make knowledge a lot more interactive, our students enacted various scenarios from Rani Jhansi's life. Her childhood was mainly focussed on and who can forget the crucial war. The play was very popular among the audience and the cheers didn't end till the very end. A commendable and an engraved performance by the children.

Grand Finale - Journey to India's Rich Heritage

Well, to add another feather to our cap every child from different items danced to the melodious tunes of 'Mile Sur Mera Tumhara'. They finished with such enthusiasm and grand splendour the entire audience up and they received a standing ovation from everyone present.

The children showed us the value of team work in our hectic life nowadays . They looked happy and their and their smiles truly made everyone's day. Everyone loved it. Everyone gladly enjoyed the Fiesta that was splendour 2010!

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